There are millions of people that suffer from pet allergies every day. I suffer from pet allergies and I use the same system in my home and automobiles that we use in
our client’s homes and automobiles.Today we are concentrating on eliminating pet allergens from an automobile.

Maybe you have had a pet for many years and suddenly you start to have allergy attacks
whenever you are near your pet.
Or, you might have recently purchased a used car and the previous owners had pets, and after
driving the car for a few days you start to have allergy attacks.
Whatever the reason, we can help eliminate, or greatly reduce those terrible allergy attacks in
your vehicle, your home, or both.

I feel really bad for people that suffer from cat or dog dander allergy attacks.
Today I want to introduce you to a system that has been around for decades, but very few people know about it.
Let me start with saying, we can absolutely get rid of the allergens in your vehicle in less than
2 hours.

We will start by filling your vehicle with our Envirotize Xtreme Allergen Elimination Vapor,
(SEE VIDEO). This vapor completely fills up your car. We even run the vapor through the
HVAC system of your car so we can denature any allergens inside your cars vent system.
OF COURSE, WE HAVE A GUARANTEE… Yes, we have a 100% guarantee! If our
system does not work, you do not pay a cent! It’s that simple.
THE ICING ON THE CAKE… When we have completed the allergen treatment, we will
totally disinfect your automobile at no additional cost to you.
We are living in a “new normal” world, and we are happy to help keep you safe in your
Thank you so much for reading this post, and if you have not watched the video that
accompanies this post please do it now.

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