In step one of our Envirotize™ professional sanitizing process, we use an air energized vapor that will cover the entire inside of your home or business.

First, we measure the property to determine how many Xtreme-Vapor stations we need to fill the inside with our cleansing, deodorizing vapor.

 In the video, we are vaporizing a 2,400 square foot house and we have 10 stations set up.

Next, we set up stations for our air energized efficiency systems. We are using our industrial strength vapor system applied by Envirotize™ Certified Technicians.

We want to make sure the vapor is distributed throughout the house evenly, so we run the HVAC system in the house to bring the vapor through the vents distributing the vapor evenly throughout the property.

Pushing the vapor through the vent system also cleans and deodorizes the vent systems thoroughly which is an extra benefit.

The Envirotize Step One is an optional step, you do not need to do this step to have your home or business sanitized.

 The importance of step 1 is the ability for deep penetration into every nook and cranny.

The vapor size is 0.124 nanometers. It takes 8,000 of these sub-nanometers to make one micron and you cannot see a micron with the naked eye!

Watch the video so you can see what it looks like with a property filled with our proprietary cleansing vapor.

Our vapor basically burns up odors, germs, allergens, and molds in the air.

Envirotize ™ Xtreme vapor is an industrial oxidizer, that causes no harm to your property.

We can vapor a house full of furniture or an empty house. The benefit of a property full of furniture is the benefit of penetrating your furniture, clothes, carpet, etc.

When our process is completed (After about 3 hours) we open the doors and windows for about 10 to 15 minutes to remove any existing vapor.

After step one is complete, we move on to step 2 in our 5 steps sanitizing process.